Book of Common Prayer

Our worship service follows traditional Anglican (Church of England) forms, as found in The Book of Common Prayer, 1979. This book provides varied service formats that will be very familiar to Anglicans, Lutherans, and Catholics but some will find it difficult to follow the service when skipping from page to page.


Therefore, we do our best to make everyone comfortable with a weekly printed program that has printed responses along with congregational readings, creeds, prayers, etc.  The printed program also provides the opportunity to take the service contents home as a way to share with others and as a record of information, such as dates of future activities.  We have found it to be a helpful tool of worship.

High Altar

Each Sunday we celebrate the Eucharist, (Communion), with all Baptized Christians welcome to partake.  Our High Altar holds a Tabernacle that was designed, built, and donated by one of our Parishioners.  The Tabernacle holds the Bread and Wine, (Host), between services.

Low Altar

The Lord’s Supper, (Communion), is served from the Low Altar and is the central part of the service.


We use many different types of music, including traditional hymns, choruses, praise music, and gospel. Our musicians are a very important part of our Worship service with accompaniment coming from keyboard, guitar, and percussion. Our main goal at Holy Trinity is to Praise the Lord!

Our Musicians