Sunday School

The Children’s Program at Holy Trinity is based on how children experience the world around them and how they are developing “spiritually”.  Children are open, unpretentious, inquisitive, and very spiritual or intuitive.  Children can be taught, but they can also “teach” if we allow them and if we listen.  Young children, especially young children experience the world through the senses, visually and in concrete ways.  With the spiritual attributes and the learning styles of children in mind, our curriculum is based on a Montessori hands-on program called “Catechesis of the Good Shepherd”.  Through the use of various “concrete” hands on materials (pictured below) and introduced concepts, children come to experience Jesus as a relationship, a relationship of trust and love.  Jesus is perceived as a friend, a “Good Shepherd”. This relationship of trust and love serve as foundation for a lifetime of spiritual development, as a means of introducing Scripture, and as means to live out the Christian life in all aspects of living.

The Good Shepard leading His sheep to water

The Upper Room where the Last Supper was served








The road where the Good Samaritan aided the wounded stranger

Our youth learning program developed a tool to teach the Bible using a hands-on approach.  The individual Books of the Bible can be removed from the case and laid on an identified grid like a picture puzzle.  The interest by the children led to the production of three added units that have been loaned to three area Churches.

The Bible Cases

Bible Cases with the Books exposed


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