Our History

Our congregation first met on January 22, 2004, with our first business meeting (Leadership Council) on April 7, 2004. At this meeting, we adopted the name of the Sandusky Anglican Fellowship. Our first official worship service was held May 15, 2004


We started with hand-made altar furnishings, which were consecrated by Bishop †Simon O’Ketch, from Kenya. Most of our first year we met at a site on Columbus Avenue in Sandusky. We then spent several months meeting in a vacated drug store in Sandusky. In April of 2005 we bought our current church home in Milan, Ohio. This building was consecrated on October 1, 2005, by Bishop †Frank Lyons of Bolivia. With the move to Milan, we adopted our new name, Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

We enjoyed the leadership of Mark Scotton.

When he first came to us it was as a lay minister. Later, he was ordained deacon, and then as our Priest. He now serves the diocese as the Archdeacon.


May through September of 2006 was a time of change, as we were served by five different celebrants in only five months! With Father Mark Scotton’s† promotion to a large church in the Cleveland area, we were blessed to have Father John Jorden+ come as our Vicar. He served us until the fall of 2009, and was succeeded by Father Pat Malone†, who stayed through the summer of 2010.

On Labor Day weekend of that year, Father Dennis Henkle+ was ordained at our church and became our resident Vicar. Others ordained from our church include Sean Templeton†, now a priest; Drew Schmotzer†, who served Holy Trinity while a student, and is now the chaplain to Bishop †Anis Maneer in Egypt; and Jerry Neuberger.

We are proud to have sent these five men into the ordained ministry from our church!


We are one of the original seventeen founding churches of the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes.


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