Meet Deacon Ric Babcock


On February 7th Ric Babcock was ordained as a Deacon in the Anglican Church. To tell us a little about his ministry, Ric answers a few questions.

When and where were you ordained as a Deacon?
I was ordained at The Holy Spirit Anglican Church in Akron, Ohio.
What does a Deacon do?
The functions of the Deacon can be Liturgical or Sacramental. Let me explain:
The Deacon is often referred to as the representative of the people. They are the principal assistants, the most active of all who serve in the liturgy. They are heralds of the word, servants of the church and agents of the Bishop
They assist the Bishop and Priest in worship and the ministration of God’s Word and Sacraments.
Another role is to act for the good of others by setting them free for the worship of God and expanding His Kingdom.
A Deacon proclaims the “Liturgy of the Word” by assuming the role of angel, messenger, and bearer of good news.
Specifically, they would read the gospel, occasionally preach, lead intercessions, act as the herald by announcing the call to worship, instructing, keeping order and acting as master of ceremonies.

Deacons serve the table. They would assume the role, much like a host or hostess and butler. Specifically, they prepare the table, receive, prepare, and place on it the bread and wine. After the Eucharistic meal, they consume the remaining bread and wine except for what is to be kept.
They are the Steward of the wine, standing at the presider’s right, the Deacon raises the cup during the doxology of the Eucharistic prayer and at the invitation to communion. They are also the Dismisser, ending the liturgy by telling the people to go or inviting them to “Bless the Lord.”
The dismissal is part of a deacon’s angelic role of making announcements, exhorting, giving directions and aid the active participation of the people.
The Deacon, after ordination, has the privilege of delivering and distributing the sacraments to those who are unable to attend the worship service. This may be at home or a health-care facility.

What is your area of interest?
My area of interest is to serve the poor with prayer and comfort, serve the dying by offering prayer to them and their family, conduct burial services and marriage ceremonies.
I currently work part-time at a local funeral home and am in the process of obtaining permission from a Roman Catholic Care Center to voluntarily provide Protestant services on a regular basis.
An important part of my ministry is to expand the Kingdom in our area and specifically at Holy Trinity Anglican Church. This is a constant on-going endeavor.

What is your Vision?
My vision is to see Holy Trinity outgrow their facility. A church full of people of all ages and all colors loving the Lord and each other. Also to expand our mission work in the community and abroad.


Tell us something about your family?
I have been married to my wonderful wife Pat for almost 44 years now. We have worked side by side in our entire marriage. Not only has the Lord Blessed me with a wonderful, caring, Christian woman who I adore (I really don’t know how I was so lucky the Lord blessed me with this lifelong partner, but there is no argument to me for it), He has also blessed us with two fantastic children. Brian, our son, of whom I am very proud, is a lead engineer for General Motors, Power Train Division and our daughter Jennifer who very recently told us she and her husband will be having their first child in October. We can’t wait to spoil our first grandchild. Jennifer is a very successful Sales Executive for Spectrum Cable.

Tell us about your first sermon as a Deacon?
My first sermon as a Deacon was tough, to say the least. Without the help of my priest, Fr. Abraham Fiodembo, I’m not sure I could have pulled it off. What I saw in the Gospel, what my wife saw and what Fr. Abraham saw were three different things. I am glad that one is over. Before ordination, I gave a sermon about Angels. I really liked researching that subject and sharing it with the congregation. I still have more material to use and hope to blend a sermon with a 14 minute DVD of a true story in the future.

Note: Some of the information regarding the sacramental is credited to the Book; Deacons in the Liturgy, Author: Ormonde Plater; Church Publishing, New York.

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