Hope is a four-letter word, but it holds a great feeling and leads to significant actions. Hope is described as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. It is associated with having an optimistic attitude. Without hope, one feels as if they are at their wit’s end and their world -as they have come to know it, has come to an end.
However, when an individual is filled with hope, they see endless possibilities, no matter the situation in which they are.
The year is still young, and although you may want to experience great things in 2017, you may be doubting as to whether things will work out for good. Your past experience may fuel this belief or having the present realities and your circumstances in mind. Remember that when you focus on your problems, your problems grow, but when you concentrate on the possibilities- my friend, they will be limitless!
Do not be tied down by your problems when you serve a big and mighty GodKeep the verse in Psalm 46:1 in your heart and meditate on it: God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore, whenever you feel weak or alone, remember that God is your refuge and your strength; and that he is present in all your seasons in life. Also, He has already made a promise that He will fulfill- He will never leave you nor forsake you.

On the other hand, you may be experiencing great joy in the New Year. This is a good attitude, and you should continue having a thankful heart and have hope for the present and future. Continue keeping your trust in God as He has already planned everything for you. Continue trusting in God’s plan and will and keep praying that He may direct your steps. No matter the circumstances, you will be able to take great leaps of faith, and with hope, endless possibilities wait for you.
We ought to accept that there is a season for everything. The year may throw big surprises your way, pleasant ones and not so pleasant. However, hope should be constant in all situations that you may find yourself in. Be thankful for your present situation. Be even more thankful for the great turnaround that you are expecting.
When stepping into a new year, it is perfectly normal to experience a fear of the unknown and being uncertain if things will work out well for the year. However, do not be paralyzed by fear and get stuck to move onto great things. Remember, hope is the only thing which is stronger than fear. You may lose anything and everything, but never lose hope! As a Christian, you should bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit and hope is one of them.
Have a blessed year ahead! Remember that with God, your focus will move from encountering hopeless ends to experiencing endless hope. May you experience hope and peace in the year 2017!

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