Go Somewhere… -and make Disciples!

Go and Make Disci

September was the month we decided to evangelize by going out and talking to people in the community.

Why was this necessary?

Matthew 28:19 says we should; “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

It is not just the Pastors responsibility to evangelize; all Christians are called to go and make disciples.

We approached evangelism using several methods.

Some of our methods were successful, and others were not so successful.

  • Posters in Restaurants

Some restaurants were kind enough to allow us to put our church flyer on their notice board.

  • Talked to People

The weather was great, and lots of people were walking around and shopping. Some were willing to allow us to talk to them and accepted our flyers.

  • Visited Neighborhoods

We visited neighborhoods’ and talked to people sitting on their front porches. They were keen on listening to what we had to say.


Some of the challenges we faced were; some businesses did not want us to pass flyers in their stores.

We also had our own challenges; it is not easy to talk to strangers. It can be scary to say the least.

The challenge of evangelism for every church today is to meet and engage with people where they are.

You don’t always have to go somewhere..!  

In our everyday lives with the people we encounter daily; we ought to take advantage of every opportunity and tell them about Christ.

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