Your Personal Invitation to be a Part of a New Experience

By: Joyce Fiodembo

Joyce Fiodembo




I’ve had a burden in my heart to begin a Women’s Ministry at Holy Trinity Anglican Church. I love spending time alone with God. But I also enjoy corporate worship with other Sisters in Christ.

The biggest challenge I have is we are a very small congregation in Milan. There are not many sisters at the moment worshiping at the church. I could look at this as a curse and complain or a blessing and be thankful for the few that are here.

I will see this as a blessing. Why? -Because this makes it permissible to invite every lovely lady who wants to be a part of this Ministry. It does not matter what your background, denomination or experience is.

You are Welcome…

Some years ago, my husband and I were sent by the Bishop to a small town to start a congregation. The people in that town were mainly entertainers. Not high profile movie stars, but traditional dancers.

This was on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.

They did not make much money, and many of them had never attended church before.

The only place we could meet and have church on Sunday was the social hall, which was a ‘Bar and Dance Hall’ on Saturday nights.

Before the service, we would sweep the floor, mop and dust. Then arrange the benches ready for the congregation.

On the first Sunday, only a few children attended. Thereafter a few women came. After three months, some of their husbands began to come to church. It was one of the most memorable ministries we have had.

We saw members formalize their marriages; many marriages that were on the verge of breaking were mended. Members got baptized and confirmed. Lives were transformed, and God moved among the members in a great way.

A New Experience

I long to see women get these same experiences. It does not matter what part of the globe you are; we are still having the same challenges as women.  We face marriage and relationship challenges, challenges with our kids, jobs, health and finances. Let’s bring them to Christ so he can take care of them.

There is nothing that pleases God more than worshiping him, praising him and showing through actions our love for fellow sisters.

If you live anywhere near Milan Ohio, (here’s the address) consider yourself invited to Holy Trinity Anglican Church and to the Women’s Ministry.

I believe Christ wants to reach every woman who will reach out to Him.