Christian Business Fellowship

 Young Christians Business Fellowship

A new ministry is starting at Holy Trinity Anglican Church for young Christians in business.

This ministry will be run by Ric Babcock.

About Ric Babcock




Ric became interested in serving Christ since he was in junior high school. In his mid-twenties after his first child was born, he sought a deeper relationship with the Lord.

At age 40 Rick and his wife Pat recommitted their lives to Christ after attending a Cursillo weekend.

Ric and Pat have run a business together for the past six years.

They use the principle of the ‘Golden Rule’ to operate their business that states; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” They believe that; “all is possible through Christ who strengthens us” and “never tire of doing right.”


Who is this Ministry for?

This ministry is for young Christian entrepreneurs who are between ages 18 to 40.

This ministry will be held once a month on a weekday for 90 minutes.

The purpose of this fellowship is to learn how one can make the Lord the center of their business.

Ric Says..

I would like to extend an invitation to all young Christian business persons to let us know of your interest. We have some great speakers lined up who are eager to share their story when you invite Christ into your business and life.

Please email me your name and best email address so I can keep you informed of our progress and first meeting.  My email is:

Thank you,


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