Are You Running Away From The Call?

run call

Jesus called the disciples’ from their regular activities.

Their new job description was to preach the Good News of salvation, heal the sick, and restore wholeness and peace.

During the August House Church Fellowship, we learned there are two types of calls:

The call to be a disciple and the call to make disciples. The call to be a disciple is for everyone. The call to make disciples flows from the call to be a disciple. Matthew 10:1-13

Jesus saw Peter and Andrew casting their nets into the sea and said to them “follow me.” This is the call to discipleship, to be formed in the likeness of Christ.

The call to Christian discipleship is divine not human.

The question that arises for many of us is; do we have to obey the call?

Christ does not force anyone to love Him. Voluntarily we can accept or reject the call.

Ultimately it is a personal decision. Christ asked Peter three times, “do you love me?” The love of God should be our only motivation for ministry.

He then told Peter, “Feed my sheep!” We cannot feed the sheep if we are not following the shepherd.

We cannot effectively transform the world unless we are being transformed by the word of God.


Join us next month for the House Church Fellowship where we dive deep into the Word of God.

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